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Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Inquisitive: given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious.

This definition of this particular adjective, according to, describes me perfectly. Having an inquisitive nature is one of the qualities I like best about myself. I love to research about topics I find intriguing, I'm drawn to the knowledge that people possess, I'm constantly trying to find ways to learn and grow and I have been told that I ask good questions. I view my inquisitive personality as a strength. And yet with every strength there is the potential for it to become a weakness if we're not careful.

In my early 30s the Holy Spirit began to show me what the dark side of being inquisitive looked like in my life. I began to notice that at times my desire for knowledge was overruling my concern for people. Over time, I trained myself to take inventory of my heart before I asked someone a personal question. Was I about to ask them a certain question because I genuinely cared about them as a person or because I wanted to know the juicy detail of their situation? Sometimes it was a mix of both, but if the second reason was stronger than the first, I eventually stopped asking. I wanted my heart to be pure when it came to loving others. I didn't want to have a hidden agenda, selfish motives or manipulate a person for the sake of gaining inside scoop. I'm not saying I do this perfectly now, but I have seen how God has transformed me in this area.

Curiosity is human nature. It's not a bad thing on its own, but like with anything we can turn it into something positive in our lives or something negative. Whenever we use a quality trait in ourselves to bless others than that's good, but when we use it for our own selfish gain that's harmful to others and ourselves.

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I can use my inquisitive spirit to get to know people well in order to encourage them, make them feel seen and heard and to grow as an individual. I'm the girl who will ask you what you had for breakfast because I care about what you like to eat and I want to know every detail about the trip you went on because how you travel tells me a lot about who you are. And if I get the sense that it's okay for me to ask, I'll want to gently inquire how your heart is doing after that breakup or how you're dealing with the tough parts of motherhood.

I'm in a transitional period in my life. It has its challenges, but I also see the good. There are so many blessings. I'm a glass half full kind of gal afterall. Not everyone would see my situation in the same light, but I do wholeheartedly trust in the goodness and kindness of God. At times, I have sensed that well-meaning people have projected their fears, timelines and even hopes onto me. I get it. Every human being is unique and each of us would handle or do things differently. I tend to take my time with things, my pace is slow, I like to reflect and pray. Some people are more Type A and tend to hustle. That's just not me. Whenever I've tried to go fast in different areas of my life it doesn't usually go well.

This wilderness chapter in my story has made me think about human nature and our desire to know things about other people. I've been reminded of the importance of examining our hearts for the motivations behind the questions we ask others. I have felt deeply loved by many people and I have also felt at times pressured by people's expectations. Perhaps, for the first time, I'm questioning motives because of the human behaviour I have witnessed. I'm also speaking up for myself when I feel uncomfortable by someone's inquiry. As a person who doesn't want to hurt others, offend, make someone feel uncomfortable or even be disliked by anyone, speaking up for my needs and setting up boundaries is so hard. But it's healthy and necessary for healing to take place and in order to love others well.

Let's be people of integrity. Let's aim to put others before ourselves by actually praying for them and listening to what they need instead of offering unsolicited opinions and solutions. Remember you're not walking in their shoes, rather you get the immense privilege of living your own life. Let's ask God to lead and direct us in our interactions with our fellow humans. Who better to teach us how to love selflessly than Jesus himself. I want to love like Christ did. He loved people when he had nothing to gain from them. He loved people who hated him. He loved people by meeting their practical and spiritual needs and with a heart full of compassion.

Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!

Psalm 139:23-24

Love in Christ, Raquel

P.S. Thank you Tricia for reading my first draft and providing me with your honest and encouraging feedback. I'm blessed to have a friend like you. :)

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This blog post really spoke to me. I can relate to so much of it. There is great wisdom here. You wrote it with beautiful humility and tact. My favourite line is: “I wanted my heart to be pure when it came to loving others.” This says so much about you and the person you’ve become as you’ve allowed Christ to work in you. May God continue to give you the courage to do things the way He’s fashioned you to do them, without regard to anyone’s expectations other than His. Pleasing our Saviour is the only thing that matters in the end!

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