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About Me

A Glance Into Who I Am

Hi, I am Raquel Meza!

5 Facts About Me:

1)   I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, and immigrated to Canada with my family when I was five years old.

2)   I love the written word. I became enamoured with reading as a child and studied English Language and Literature with a combined major in Spanish, at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario.

3)   If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Spain. I studied at Alcalá University for five weeks as a university student, lived with a local family and am still in contact with my Spanish “mom.” I fell in love with the country and dream of one day returning to live there part-time.

4)   I lived in Panama as a missionary after graduating from university, and spent a year sharing the love of Jesus with university students there.

5)   I enjoy my own company and I also have a strong passion to connect on a deep level with other human beings. 

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Why Notes of Peony?

Peony: I used to struggle when people would easily declare their favourite flower. Then, a few years ago, I saw on Meghan Markle’s now defunct website, The Tig, the most gorgeous photo of a bouquet of peonies. And then a couple of summers ago, my lovely friend Rachel, gifted me with some Peonies from her backyard. The fragrance was divine. The visual stunning. And I knew, those are the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen. To me, a Peony represents a refreshing beauty.


Notes: The word notes has several definitions and each deeply resonates with me. Notes represent aroma and flavour in wine. They are also a symbol of denoting musical sound. In literature, they convey ideas and musings in the written word.


Together, Notes of Peony speaks to me of life, flavour and refreshing beauty – which I hope I am able to share with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m so happy you are here.





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