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Another Year Around the Sun (Part 2)

Photo by Pascal Debrunner - @debrupas

Birthdays are a great time for reflection. Here's a wish list I have for the future. The order of the list does not in any way equate the order of importance as you'll notice. It's vulnerable to express desires, but I'm throwing things out there to remind you that you're not alone in dreaming and that dreaming is a good thing.

1) More reading. I have so many books that I want to read, but not enough energy it seems. I want to be more intentional about reading.

2) A quaint house of my own where I can decorate it with complete freedom and provide a safe and cozy haven for people.

3) To do lots of decluttering, organizing and tidying (Marie Kondo style!).

4) More podcast listening.

5) More faith...crazy, bold kind of faith! (Sidenote: I really want to read Mike Todd's Crazy Faith book).

6) More Scripture intake and reflection. 7) More memories created with my nephews.

8) More good conversations with family and friends.

9) More seeing the beauty and goodness of God.

10) More cooking and more healthy eating.

11) To serve the people I support well at work and the ladies in my Bible study.

12) To travel again: El Salvador, B.C, Alberta, northern places in Ontario, Quebec, L.A, Spain.

13) To be more humble, Spirit filled and led. To exude the joy and love of God.

14) To live in Spain 3 or 4 months of the year and to write while I'm there.

15) To celebrate people more and exercise more hospitality.

16) To get physical CD copies of Taylor Swift's new versions of Fearless and Red (Red, Taylor's Version is set to come out in November). I admire that she wants to own her own music.

17) To buy a record player.

18) More writing.

Photo by Aaron Burden

19) To make it a habit to exercise, stretch or go for walks. Basically, I need to move my body more!

20) More colouring and more painting.

21) To take piano lessons again.

22) To go to Bible college one day.

23) For my nephews to love Jesus with their whole beings and for them to know they are loved by him.

24) To learn French and Italian again and improve my already fluent Spanish.

25) Good health for my parents and other family members.

26) More praying.

27) More hikes.

28) Better sleep hygiene.

30) To one day start a podcast with my sister Natalie where we interview people.

31) To do puzzles, sudoku and other things that are good for one's mind.

32) More dancing at home. 33) To budget better. 34) More moisturizing and taking better care of my skin. 35) More calling my grandma. 36) More dressing like I want to. Clothes express who we are and what we value. It's art.

37) To look more like Jesus.

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out


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Alyssa M
Alyssa M
Oct 20, 2021

I love this so much, such a beautiful list! I'd most definitely listen to your podcast 😊


What a fun list created by the birthday girl and my dreamer friend! I hope every one of these dreams comes true! xo

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