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Back to School - My Interview with a Teacher

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital - @element5digital

I have so much compassion for parents, students and teachers this year. Back to school is typically a season of excitement and nerves and this year is no exception. In fact, with so many unknowns about what today and this school year will look like there seems to be greater anxiety in the air. It occurred to me recently that I wanted to provide parents with a bit of encouragement as they navigate a new school year during a pandemic. I reached out to my sweet teacher friend Michelle (the one I met at church, not to be confused with my other sweet teacher friend Michelle whom I met in university) to ask her if I could interview her. She was gracious to say yes with only a few days’ notice and a full schedule before the first day of school.

People tend to remember extremes and it's that way with teachers. We remember the bad ones and the good ones. Although, I have never had Michelle as a teacher since she's only a few years younger than I am, I can tell from how she speaks of her kids and her career, she's one of the good ones. Whether she's describing how she prepares for her classes, lessons she's done, or how much she cares for her kids, every time she talks about her profession I think about how blessed the children that enter her classroom are. She provides them with a safe place, roots for them, invests in them, teaches them well and loves them. I hope this interview brings a smile to your face and provides some comfort and confidence to parents.

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital - @element5digital

How long have you been teaching overall?

I started teaching in 2011. I supplied, did a number of LTO assignments, and now I am in my 6th year of having a permanent contract. 

What inspired you to go into teaching?

I always loved kids. Even when I was a child myself, I wanted to take care of my younger cousins or my stuffed animals. I spent many hours playing school! As I grew up, I kept finding myself working with little ones and loving it! My first job was instructing downhill skiing, and then I went on to teach ballet, do some nannying and teach some kids fitness classes too. 

What grade have you taught in the past?

I have taught Grades 1 through Grade 6/7, except for Grade 3. 

What do you love about teaching?

Kids are the best company. They are eager to learn, they laugh a lot and they work hard. I love learning about their little lives and keeping up on all the news they share. My favourite part in the primary grades is teaching reading. It is so exciting when "it clicks" and they start reading everything around them!

What do you look forward to the most about the back to school season?  

I think there will always be a part of me that loves setting up the classroom and opening the new school supplies, but my favourite part of the beginning of each year is meeting the new students and their families. There is always a mixture of excitement and nerves (for everyone involved - kids, parents, and me too). 

What would you say to parents who are nervous about what school will look like for their kids this year during the pandemic? 

I would just try to reassure them that their kids will be well loved and cared for! It's new for everyone, but we will learn and work together like we always do. We always want kids to love coming to school each day, to grow (character and academics), to have fun, to establish lasting friendships and make memories. I am hopeful we can still have all of these things this year despite the different circumstances. :) 

Photo by Jerry Wang - @jerry_318


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It is so sweet of you to be thinking about families and educators during this time. I wish Michelle was my kid's teacher, she sounds lovely! Beautiful post!


Michelle sure sounds like a wonderful, caring teacher! Thanks for thinking of us parents during this unprecedented school year. There's no doubt it's going to go down in the history books of our lives whether we're homeschooling or conventional schooling. Love you! Happy fall!

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