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Even Your Winter Won't Last Forever

"Seasons by definition don't last forever." My sister Natalie often quotes this back to me. I said these words to her years ago to encourage her when she was going through a challenging season. I honestly don't even remember what she was going through but I know it impacted her enough for her to say it often even now.

I'm grateful to live in a country where we get to experience the four seasons. It's rare for someone who was born in a warm climate country like me, to love winter so much, but I do. I say this because 98% of the people I speak with who were born in hot countries always express how hard winter is for them. I am the only person in my family of five who actually gets excited about winter and snow! I can't help it. I see the beauty in every season that God has created.

Photo by Erol Ahmed - @erol

I understand the hesitation to love winter. Winters can be hard with the bitter cold that accompanies them, the hard labour that must be endured with shovelling driveways and removing snow from cars, the dangerously icy roads that we drive on, and the ugly pollution that ruins perfectly clean white snow. I'm not oblivious to any of these things nor do I dismiss their hardships. But, just like there are cons to winter there are also pros.

Photo by Colby Thomas - @coloradocolby

Even die-hard anti winter people can't deny the majestic beauty of crisp snow on sunny days. You know those days where it seems like God sprinkled diamonds across all the snow that our eyes can behold? There are fun games and sports like downhill skiing or skating that need low temperatures. And then there's something so special about coming in from the cold and getting warm inside. Fireplaces, hot drinks, thick blankets, and warm baths are lovely necessities and luxuries that winter bestows us. My favourite season to dress in is winter. I absolutely love layering. I adore scarves, turtlenecks, and sweaters. Traditional colours for winter are typically neutrals, joined by deep, rich jewel tones that are representative of the festive nature of the holidays. Give me a deep ruby red blouse or a sapphire blue sweater to wear any day.

Photo by Fabian Mardi - @fabianmardi

Even with all the things I've listed about what I appreciate regarding winter, it might still be your least favourite season and that's okay. Maybe you just need to hear this today.

"Even the winter won't last forever.

We'll see the morning. We'll feel the sun.

We'll wake up in April, ready and able..."

These words are from the chorus of a song that has been in my head since the new year has started. The song is written by one of the best singer-songwriters that exists (in my opinion). Her name is Audrey Assad and I would highly encourage you to listen to Even the Winter and her other songs.

In poetic imagery, Audrey reminds listeners that difficult times will pass. Spring will come after winter. This message is so relevant after the year we've had. So, remember dear one, your winter, your dark night of the soul or perhaps your heart of stone will see the morning. You will once again feel the warmth of the sun on your face. You will sing a new song and that heart of stone of yours can begin to thaw. Before you know it spring will be here. Seasons by definition don't last forever and that's a good thing.

Photo by Dlanor S - @dlanor_s



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I listened to the song you referenced by Audrey Assad and it’s beautiful! I must confess winter is my least favourite season, but without it, there wouldn’t be spring – my absolute fav! Thank you for being the kind of person that not only sees the beauty in every season God has created, but in every person too. Love your optimism and positivity!

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